Chinese Recipes with Vegetables Lettuce Garlic Oil 蒜米生油菜


This Chinese lettuce is known as Sang Choy in Cantonese and “sheng cai-生菜” in mandarin while in Taiwan it is known as “Wo Ju-莴苣”. It almost same with the lettuce in Western that more popular used in salad ingredients and in Chinese, it also eaten in raw/ fresh where normally used in decoration for dishes too. Chinese Lettuce in Chinese pronounce called “sheng cai-生菜” means raw vegetables so, it will normally cook in quick cooking technique called  scalding. Scalding is the method cook in a boiling water for just 1-2 minutes. With this cooking method, it can maintain the nutrition of the vegetables and avoid over cook. Try this easy cook Chinese recipes with vegetables lettuce garlic oil.


  • Prep Time : 2 min
  • Cook Time : 3 min
  • Ready Time : 5 min


2-3 persons


  • 250 Grams Chinese Lettuce *** Or half of the whole Chinese Lettuce size
  • 2 Gloves Garlic
  • 2 Table Spoons Light Soya Sauce
  • 1/2 tea spoon Sugar
  • 4 Table Spoons Oil


Step 1: Rinse and tear the Chinese Lettuce into small pieces.



Step 2: Chopping 2 gloves of garlic.



Step 3: Ready a 2 table spoons of light soya sauce and mix in with some sugar.



Step 4: Boiling 2 bowls of water at the work/ pot then mix in the Chinese Lettuce for scalding about 1 minutes. Later drain it and serve on plate.



Step 5: Heating 2 table spoons of oil then mix in garlic for stir frying until the garlic turn golden. After that, mix in the light soya sauce and turn off the heat.



Step 6: Mix this fried garlic soya sauce oil on top the cook Chinese Lettuce then ready to serve.


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  1. more vege = healthier !

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