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Stir Frying Marinated Chicken 炒腌制鸡肉

Posted June 29, 2012 by Chinese Cooking Recipes
Marinated is one of popular Chinese cooking method. Longer time to marinate will have a better taste after cook it. For this marinated chicken recipe, the important ingredients is spices powder or called as "Wu Siang Fen-五香粉" in mandarin. This spices powder consist 5 type of spices and herbs and was used to marinate any type of meat. This special spices will improve the aroma and excellent taste of the meat. You may make this marinate recipe for prepare the BBQ party and put some honey on top after cook will be have a better taste. For a dish of a meal, stir frying method is a good method for cook.

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Sesame Oil Ground Pork & Egg 麻油肉粹蛋

Posted June 18, 2012 by Chinese Cooking Recipes
Sesame oil is one of major ingredients for Chinese cooking. It made by the sesame seeds and the smell of sesame oil is fragrant. Chinese believe this sesame oil is "Yang" energy food which is category as hot and will give your body warm. For winter season, it will be good to savor this sesame oil. This Sesame Oil Ground Pork & Egg is a popular dish for ladies after giving birth. During the confinement period, Chinese ladies after giving birth was encourage to eat more this recipe because it can warm up the body and uterus. Sesame oil fried with ginger is effective in relieving stomach colds and improves digestion too.

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Sauteing Marinated Pork Meat 炒腌制黑肉

Posted June 1, 2012 by Chinese Cooking Recipes
As Western cooking, Chinese cooking also like to marinate the meat before go for cook. They also believe the marinated meat will improve the taste of the meat. For Chinese cooking, there are simple marinate method in just few minutes if you rush for time to cook. Simple ingredients with thick soya sauce, light soya sauce without any herbs can be a excellent taste too. This Sauteing Marinated Pork Meat is one of easy recipes with simple ingredients for marinated. You may just prepare it and after return from a shower, then you may start to cook it for your dinner and savor it.

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Steam 3 Eggs with Ground Pork 三色蛋蒸肉

Posted May 11, 2012 by Chinese Cooking Recipes
Chinese cooking has a main feature diversified by color, aromatic and excellent taste. This Steam 3 Eggs with Ground Pork is totally match with this 3 feature of Chinese Cooking. The recipe of this dish have 3 types of eggs which have 3 colors, yellow, orange and dark color. It make the dish look colorful and increase the appetite. Steam 3 Eggs with Ground Pork is a healthy cooking method and delicious dish. You may try to cook this recipes for your kids and they will love it very much.

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Chicken Black Fungus 黑木耳鸡肉

Posted April 23, 2012 by Chinese Cooking Recipes
Black Fungus is one of the famous Chinese cooking ingredient. It was in black color, soft, delicious and nutritious which not only add style on the Chinese dishes, but also nourishing our beauty, control iron deficiency and reduce cholesterol. Therapeutic have opted black fungus as a major ingredients on the therapeutic regimen because it shows a very high therapeutic value. Today I will like to share this Chicken Black Fungus, is a healthy and delicious dishes. Hope you like it.

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Cantonese Style Chicken Cuisine 南京水晶鸡

Posted April 9, 2012 by Chinese Cooking Recipes
This Cantonese style Chicken Cuisine is a famous dishes not among the Cantonese people but among all the Chinese. Normally this Chicken Cuisine will serve together with the rice. Cantonese style cooking method is by steaming or boil in water of the whole chicken. It can help to maintain the original taste of chicken and the nature sweet of the chicken meat. You may dip with some light soya sauce to improve the salty taste of the chicken too. Beside that, it is also an healthy cooking method without any oil to cook it.

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Pickled Mustard Green Stewing with Braised Pork 梅菜煨烧肉

Posted March 30, 2012 by Chinese Cooking Recipes
Pickled Mustard Green Stewing with Braised Pork need a prolonged time cooking method called stewing. This stewing cooking method normally will use a clay pot because it will improve the aromatic of the dish. Stewing method need a prolonged time to cook so using the clay pot will not easily scorch or dry off the soup base too. This recipe, I will use both type of pickled mustard green, salty and sweet type so it will be not too salty or too sweet taste. Stewing with the braised pork is excellent taste, you will top up a bowl of rice when you savor this awesome dish.

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Sesame Oil Chicken

Posted November 27, 2011 by Chinese Cooking Recipes
Sesame oil chicken is a ideal dishes for ladies when after delivered baby. Traditionally, it is a good dishes to recover the healthy body during confinement period for ladies. Anyway, for normal day it also a delicious dishes for all age range.

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Steam Meat Egg

Posted November 4, 2011 by Chinese Cooking Recipes
Simple steam method as favorite and healthy food for kids.

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Posted November 2, 2011 by Chinese Cooking Recipes
Even if you never cook before, you can cook an tasty Red Wine Vinegar Chicken Wing with this simple and easy cooking recipes.This is also a favorite dishes for kids too.

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