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Fried Mackerel Fish with Chili Soya Sauce 辣油汁鲭鱼

Posted June 15, 2012 by Chinese Cooking Recipes
This Fried Mackerel Fish with Chili Soya Sauce is the Sichuan cooking method. The spicy spice of Sichuan cuisine is a essential and famous ingredients. There are many types of spicy spice either from herbs nor the fresh hot chili. Beside that each spicy spice have different hot level and you may need to careful about it. For this Chili Soya Sauce, the ingredients of ginger and red fresh chili is around level 3 if the hot/ spicy level start from 1-10 and 1 is lowest spicy level while 10 is the highest spicy level. For those spicy lover, you may choose another green and small type of chili as ingredient to cook.

Sour & Spicy Threadfin Fish 酸辣鲅鱼

Posted June 5, 2012 by Chinese Cooking Recipes
Threadfin Fish is one kind of salt water fish which usually use by Hokkien people (Fujian district of China) and Cantonese people (GuangZhou district of China). This fish is called "Ngor Ah" by Hokkien people while Cantonese people called this Threadfin fish as "Mah Yau Yuee". This recipe of Sour & Spicy Threadfin Fish is a famous Hokkien cuisine. It have 2 special combination tastes which are sour and spicy. The sour taste is from the major ingredient of tamarind pulp (Asam) and the spicy taste is from the red chilli. Beside that, the others important ingredient for this dish is lemongrass and red shallot. It enhance the aroma smell and the taste of this dish that you will miss it after you savor it.

Sweet and Spicy Groupers Fish Meat 酸辣石斑鱼肉

Posted March 19, 2012 by Chinese Cooking Recipes
This Sweet and Spicy Groupers Fish Meat look colorful, aromatic smell and excellent taste. Grouper belong to the biggest family called Sea Bass. It has a mild, unique flavor somewhat of a cross between bass and halibut and firm texture. With the sweet and spicy dressing definitely improve your appetite after a busy working days. The recipes of the sweet and spicy dressing is very simple. The ingredients are cucumber and tomatoes with the sweet and spicy sauce. You may add on onion, pineapple or any fruits that you like too.

Sweet n Spicy Pineapple

Posted November 16, 2011 by Chinese Cooking Recipes
Simple 5 minute sweet and spicy pineapple appetizer. Good look, smell good and excellent taste!!!

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