Bitter Gourd Soup 苦瓜排骨汤

Antipyretic refreshing healthy soup for summer day. Using slow cooker and decoction method.




1 Bitter Gourd

1 big size Garlic

1 table spoon  Wolfberry

12 Red Dates

250gram Pork Rib

3 liter Water

1 & 1/2 teaspoon Salt




Step 1: Clean and cut the bitter gourd into 1 inch size.



Step 2: Clean the garlic, wolfberry and red dates.


Step 3: Mix all these ingredients and 3 liter of water into slow cooker. Turn in high mode to cook for 4 hours.


Step 4: After 2 hours cook, mix in the pork rib for continue cook for another 2 hours


Step 5: After 4 hours cooking, put in 1 and half teaspoons of salt before the soup are ready to serve.

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