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Bush’s Best Kidney Beans, Dark Red, 16 oz

May reduce your risk of heart disease: A diet included beans may reduce your risk of heart disease and certain cancers.

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Libbys Libbys 100% Pure Pumpkin, 29-Ounce Cans (Pack of 12)

You may have heard that food rich in antioxidants, fiber and a low fat diet can help improve your health. Luckily, you can have all of those health benefits in one serving of LIBBY’S 100% Pure Pumpkin. A little pumpkin goes a long way to making your favorite dishes tastier and more nutritious. Plus Pumpkin adds extra flavor, fiber and Vitamin A, while cutting down on fat and sodium.

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Rowan Atkinson Presents: Canned Laughter

The episode particularly focuses on Robert Box as he prepares for work and decides to ask the only woman in his office out to dinner. Meanwhile, Dave Perry announces to a neighbour that he has his first major gig at a “swish restaurant” in Camden Town. At work, after the whole office has been refused a pay increase by Mr. Marshall, Box summons up the courage to ask Lorraine, played by Sue Holderness (Only Fools And Horses), on a date. The episode culminates in the restaurant, where a series of coincidences and misunderstandings spoil the evening and Robert puts his foot in his mouth in more ways than one and creates more madcap mayhem than you thought possible

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Jokari 8 Count Sip and Seal Soda Straws for Canned Beverages

Canned beverages are great; but how many times have you accidently spilled one or taken a sip only to find a bee swimming in your soda? With Jokai’s cleverly designed can straws you can forget about spills and unwanted flying pests all at the same time. The capped straws are attached to a flexible seal that snaps snuggly onto most standard cans of soda, water – even beer – that helps retain carbonation and keeps your beverage bee-free. Thanks Jokai! For over 40 years, Jokai has held a special place in its heart for gadgets; today, they specialize in providing affordable solutions to common problems faced by consumers. From unique kitchen gadgets and household storage and organization solutions to their Healthy Steps kitchen tools designed to help with portion control and healthy eating, Jokai is committed to creating useful and often crazy looking “thingamajigs” that are fun, functional and work wonders.

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Wellness CORE Natural Wet Grain Free Canned Dog Food, Turkey & Chicken, 12.5-Ounce Can (Pack of 12)

Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Wet Canned Dog Food Turkey, Chicken & Turkey Liver Recipe is healthy, 100% natural gluten free, grain free dog food for adult dogs made with turkey, chicken liver and turkey liver, salmon oil, cranberries and botanicals to help support inner wellness and fortified with vitamins and minerals, including fish and flax omega blend for healthy skin and coat. Each wet canned dog food can be served as a complete, balanced meal or can be added on top for an extra boost of protein. Wellness CORE grain free dog food formulas are based on the nutritional philosophy that dogs thrive on a diet mainly comprised of meat. Each grain free, nutrient-rich formula provides high quality protein for your dog.

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Dole Mandarin Oranges, 15 Ounce (Pack of 6)

Founded in Hawaii in 1851, Dole is the world’s largest producer and marketer of high-quality fresh fruit and fresh vegetables. Dole markets a growing line of packaged and frozen foods, and is a produce industry leader in nutrition education and research. The Dole brand means the finest, high-quality products. Dole will continue to meet customers’ expectations by consistently providing products that meet the highest standard – the Dole standard. For Dole, anything less is unacceptable.

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Hunt’s Tomatoes Petite Diced, 14.5 oz

Hunt’s uses FlashSteam® to peel our diced, whole, stewed, and crushed tomatoes—instead of chemicals like some other brands. But our natural steam peeling is only part of the story. From the very day they’re picked to the time it takes to get them from the field to the can—it’s all about the details. ABOUT CONAGRA Hunt’s is a member of the ConAgra Foods family, one of the largest packaged foods companies in North America with major presence in retail outlets, foodservice and restaurants, and in ingredients. Our more than 70 brands–which include favorites such as Pam, Hunt’s, Healthy Choice, Wesson, Swiss Miss, Rotel, Peter Pan, Marie Callender’s, Hebrew National, Wolf Brand Chili, Rosarita, Egg Beaters, Chef Boyardee, and more–are in 96% of U.S. households, and more than 30% of ConAgra Foods brands are number one in their category.

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Can of 22 Different Heirloom/non-gmo Canned Vegetable / Garden Seeds for Long Term Storage

Blue Lake Snap Bean 50+ Seeds
Dark Red Kidney Bean 50+ Seeds
Buttercrunch Lettuce 250+ Seeds
Green Broccoli 100+ Seeds
Cabbage All Season 100+ Seeds
Little Fingers Carrot 250+ Seeds
Golden Corn 50+ Seeds
Cantaloupe Hales Best Jumbo 50+ Seeds
Marketmore Cucumber 50+ Seeds
Cherry Belle Radish 50+ Seeds
Spinach 50+ Seeds
California Wonder Bell Pepper 50+ Seeds
Jalapeno Pepper 50+ Seeds
Watermelon 50+ Seeds
Yellow Crookneck Squash 40+ Seeds
Dark Red Beet 50+ Seeds
Fordhook Lima Beans 50+ Seeds
Sunflower Seeds 50+ Seeds
Beefsteak Tomato 100+ Seeds
Turnip Seven Top Turnip Greens 150+ Seeds
Collards Georgia Southern Collard Greens 150+ Seeds
Pumpkin 25+ Seeds

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La Preferida Mild Green Chilies, Diced, 4 oz

4 oz QTY 24

Roasted and peeled. Gluten free. Est. 1949. To Serve: Drain and add to dips, omelets, tacos or pizza. USA packed. Product of USA and Mexico.

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Muir Glen Organic Tomatoes, Diced, 14.5-Ounce Cans (Pack of 12)

Muir Glen organic tomatoes are grown in the country’s prime tomato-growing region – the San Joaquin Valley of California. We’re named after legendary naturalist John Muir, and since our company’s founding over a decade ago, we’ve been committed to helping our farmers grow tomatoes organically.

Our growers’ certified organic farming methods create healthy, nutrient-rich soil, and all Muir Glen tomatoes are packaged without synthetic chemical additives of any kind. We believe that the care we take in growing and processing our tomatoes shows in our product’s spectacular flavor.

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