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Cilantro Herb 100 Seeds -Coriander – Garden Fresh Pack!

Herbs: Treat yourself to fresh herbs right from your garden! The difference when home grown is impressive! All are excellent for adding distinctive flavor to meat, and fish dishes, gravies, soups, salads and vegetables. They are fun to grow and make an attractive garden addition! Cilantro (Coriander Seed) Coriandrum sativum Heirloom 2-3 ft. Hardy Annual/Reseeding Grown by many cultures for centuries, this plant grows quickly. Pull off a few leaves to use fresh whenever desired. Fresh leaves are used in salsa and the dried seed (coriander) is an essential ingredient in East Indian cooking. Direct seed in spring when soil is warming. Likes cool weather. Do successive plantings 3-4 weeks apart for a continuous supply. Harvesting tips. Pinch off seed heads to keep productive. Fresh leaves, called cilantro, can be harvested at any time, but have more flavor before plant flowers. The spice, coriander, is the mature seed. Planting Depth: 1/4″-1/2″ Soil Temp. for Germ: 60-70 degrees F Days to Germ: 10-14 Plant Spacing: 4-6″ Days to Maturity: 70 Full Sun Moderate Water

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TEAki Hut Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder 2 Ounce (50 Servings) Culinary Grade | Excellent Weight Loss Benefits | More Antioxidants than Green Tea Bags | Best for Making Matcha Tea, Smoothies, Lattes

Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder – 2 oz = 50 Servings

Are your looking for an all natural ingredient for your diet to instantly start losing more weight? Do you try to avoid unhealthy coffee drinks; only to find yourself sleepy and tired throughout the day?

Try a bag of Instant Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder from TEAki Hut!

PACKED FRESH, STAYS FRESH! Our stone ground powder comes packaged in an airtight, Non-BPA bag. Scoop out your desired amount and seal the bag to maintain the aroma and crisp taste!

ESSENTIAL HEALTH BENEFITS! Matcha green tea is proven to boost metabolism and help you shed pounds fast. Also an instant source of energy in the morning without crashing!

MULTIPLE USES! Use our powder for hot tea, cooking, baking, smoothies, or iced green tea lattes!


We guarantee that you will be absolutely happy with your experience using our matcha green tea powder, or your money back. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your order, simply let us know for a no questions asked 100% refund!

No Cost shipping for prime members and non-prime members ordering $49+.

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GLUTEN FREE: Glutenetto Gourmet Polentine Cookies & Glutenetto GF Gourmet Shortbead Wedding Cookies Bundle . Plus a Bonus Free GF Nut Free Candy Recipe from Z-Organics ( 2 Boxes +)

GLUTENETTO GLUTEN FREE POLENTINE COOKIES: Our Polentine is made of corn flour that is then rolled with raspberry jam for a crispy and slightly sweet treat. One of our most popular gluten-free delights, this traditional Tuscan recipe is naturally gluten-free because the cookie is made with polenta rather than wheat……… GLUTENETTO GLUTEN FREE WEDDING COOKIES: Gluten-free flour and butter batter combines with delicate shortbread made with fresh pecans & lemon zest…….. Plus a Bonus Free GLUTEN FREE and NUT FREE 3- Item Candy Recipe from Z-Organics

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Swagger Koreyo Seasonings + Spice So Rite gift pack 4 items

At Swagger Foods we’re excited to offer authentic & innovative foods with a clean label that satisfies every palate. Express your creative chef by using SWAGGER’s KOREYO Korean BBQ Kalbi-BulGoGi, KOREYO Kimchi & KOREYO Garlic & Ginger Stir-Fry to add the taste of Asia from authentic roots into your kitchen. Try Swagger KOREYO seasonings and Spice So Rite to season, rub or marinade fish, meats, vegetables, snacks, pizza, as a soup base, or even mix with water or mayo for a delicious sauce and so much more! Swagger Foods is a small family owned and operated business in Illinois since 1978.

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Dried Sliced Shiitake Mushrooms – 1 Oz. Bag – Dehydrated Edible Gourmet Lentinula Edodes Fungi: Shitake

These Shiitake mushrooms have been wild harvested, sliced, and dried for easy culinary use. The Shiitake is one of the most popular and prized mushrooms in the world. Non-GMO and chemical free.

The Shiitake Mushroom (Lentinula edodes) is very popular in China and East Asia. Sautèed in many oriental dishes and soups, the Shiitake is well known as being one of the most versatile and highly prized edible mushroms on earth.

Shiitake’s are also called Chinese black mushrooms, golden oak mushrooms and black forest mushrooms. Many people prefer dried, reconstituted shiitakes to fresh because the drying process enhances the shiitake flavor.

To Reconstitute: Rinse and soak in water for 20 minutes or more. Use 8 or more ounces of water per ounce of mushrooms. Rinse, strain and use. To store place in a dry sealed container in the refrigerator.

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Jansal Valley Chinese Five Spice, 2.5 Ounce

The five spices that make up this blend are anise, fennel, cinnamon, cloves and black peppercorn. This blend is used in Chinese cooking to give dishes a sweet, savory and pungent flavor. The flavor is intense and should be used sparingly. To bring out the full flavor of the spices, cook for a relatively long period of time. Use in marinades, as rubs, in sauces, with duck, chicken and seafood.

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Wing Yip Chinese White Cooking Wine – 350ml

“Now you too can recreate authentic Chinese Cuisine at home. Our range of products give you a real taste of China’s illustrious culinary heritage”Wing Yip. All the Chinese you need to know “Now you too can recreate authentic Chinese cuisine at home. Our range of products give you a real taste of China’s illustrious culinary heritage” Wing Yip Use to marinade, flavour and poach, Versatile, Quick & convenient, No hydrogenated fat, Suitable for vegetarians For further recipe ideas visit us at wingyip

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Hwanan Original Sesame Sauce, 13oz

This sesame taste is made of sesame, soybean, peanuts with no sugar added, which gives authentic sesame taste. This product is one of the must-have ingredients for many Chinese cuisine dishes and many other Asian dishes such as Thai food and Vietnamese food.

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Ginger Root Plant (Zingiber officinale); Khing Plant for Asian Food Lover

If you love Asian food, Thai food, Ginger root plant (khing) plant is a must to have. It is best for stir-fried. You can freeze them to use all year round. From Wikipedia Ginger or ginger root is the rhizome of the plant Zingiber officinale, consumed as a delicacy, medicine, or spice. It lends its name to its genus and family (Zingiberaceae). Other notable members of this plant family are turmeric, cardamom, and galangal. The distantly related dicots in the Asarum genus have the common name wild ginger because of their similar taste. Ginger is indigenous to southern China, from whence it is spread to the Spice Islands and other parts of Asia, and subsequently to West Africa and to the Caribbean. Ginger produces clusters of white and pink flower buds that bloom into yellow flowers. Because of its aesthetic appeal and the adaptation of the plant to warm climates, ginger is often used as landscaping around subtropical homes. It is a perennial reed-like plant with annual leafy stems, about a meter (3 to 4 feet) tall. Traditionally, the rhizome is gathered when the stalk withers; it is immediately scalded, or washed and scraped, to kill it and prevent sprouting. The fragrant perisperm of Zingiberaceae is used as sweetmeats by Bantu, also as a condiment and sialogogue. Ginger produces a hot, fragrant kitchen spice. Young ginger rhizomes are juicy and fleshy with a very mild taste. They are often pickled in vinegar or sherry as a snack or just cooked as an ingredient in many dishes. They can also be steeped in boiling water to make ginger tea, to which honey is often added; sliced orange or lemon fruit may also be added. The juice from old ginger roots is extremely potent and is often used as a spice in Indian recipes, and is a quintessential ingredient of Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai and many South Asian cuisines for flavoring dishes such as seafood or goat meat and vegetarian cuisine. We may not ship in original grown container. Trimmed for shipping.

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Dynasty – Chili Sauce, 12 x 6.5 OZ

Dynasty Szechwan Chili Sauce, 6.5 Ounce — 12 per case. An Authentic Hot & Spicy Oriental Cooking Sauce. Ingredients Water, soybean and sesame oils, tomato paste, garlic, chili pepper seeds, salt, rice, sugar, wheat, soybeans, citric acid, autolyzed yeast, ginger, paprika, caramel color, xanthan gum, sodium benzoate (preservative), calcium disodium EDTA (retains product freshness), FD&C(Red No.40& 3, Blue 1). Shelf Life: 360

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