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Chinese Dessert Recipes-Nian Gao Coconut Ball 椰丝年糕

  Nian Gao is a traditional food of Chinese and very famous Chinese dessert eaten during Chinese New Year because it means getting higher level of success yearly. Nian Gao will be made for praying ritual and worship of ancestors. Then after Chinese New Year, the Nian Gao will use for making the dessert. If […]

Chinese Dessert Recipes-Pan Fried New Year Pudding/ Nian Gao 煎年糕

After Chinese New Year, the left over Nian Gao still can be serve tasty with other method of pan-fried. Normally, the Nian Gao will be in solid and harder condition after few week making it. This is the time you can cook this Chinese dessert recipes with pan-fried method with mixer flour and egg for […]

Longan Jelly 龙眼果冻/燕菜

Longan Jelly is a favorite Chinese dessert for kids and adult. It was served in cold and feel good taste after a meal. In summer time, Longan Jelly also can refreshing thirst-quenching too. You may made it with other fruits such as papaya, strawberry, cherry and peach or mix it with coloring for decorate it. […]

Bubur Cha Cha Dessert 莫莫喳喳汤水

  Bubur Cha-Cha is a famous Nyonya (Chinese mixed with Malay ethnic) desserts. Even in the United States, you may found on the menu of some Asian cafes as Nanyang Bubur Cha-Cha or 南洋莫莫喳喳. Nanyang means “south of sea,” generally known as Southeast Asia in Chinese. Each country in Southeast Asia has its own variation […]

Ginkgo Fuzhu Barley Dessert 白果腐竹意米汤

Ginkgo Fuzhu Barley Dessert is Cantonese dessert which usually serve in hot. Ginkgo also known as “Kung-sun fruit” in the Song Dynasty was listed as royal tribute. According to modern medicine, ginkgo contains brass glycosides, bitter lactone of cerebral thrombosis, Alzheimer’s disease, hypertension, coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis, cerebral dysfunction and other disease prevention and treatment […]

Fujian Brown Sugar New Year Pudding-“Nian Gao” 福建年糕 红糖年糕

  Brown Sugar New Year Pudding is a traditional Chinese New Year dessert origin from Guang Dong-Fujian. This pudding called “Nian Gao” which mean high year and will bring higher fortune and successful year. When Chinese New Year is coming, every household was busy steaming a variety of pastries, cakes and this pudding which is […]

Green Bean with sweet potato and jaggery 黄糖蕃薯绿豆汤

According to Oriental medicine, green beans with sweet, clear heat effect and good for detoxification. This green beans is also good for treatment the thermal skin diseases such as pimples, blisters, hives, people with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, chronic hepatitis, alcoholism and juvenile with mumps. During summer time, this dessert are good for nourishing, […]

Luo Han Kuo with Dried Longan and Dried Winter Melon Dessert 龙眼冬瓜罗汉果汤

Luo Han Kuo is also called as “purifying agent” in traditional Chinese medicine. It was thought that it had a positive influence in purifying the blood and reducing the effects of chronic conditions. It is also a natural sweetner and will be perfect taste with dried longan and dried winter melon. If you have a […]

Bird’s Nest Soup with Ginseng & Rock Sugar

Bird’s nest is from the saliva of the swiftlets, it contains high nutrition value and also known as “Edible Bird’s Nest”. Bird’s Nest Soup with Ginseng & Rock Sugar is a delicacy Chinese dessert with high protein and it improves the quality of our cells by regenerating new cells and at the same time strengthen […]

Chinese Dessert-Tangyuan Soup (Dongzhi)

Tangyuan is a Chinese dessert made from glutinous rice flour and was prepared during Winter Solstice Festival or called Dong Zhi by Chinese. Traditionally, the Dong Zhi Festival is also a time for the family to get together, making and eating this Tangyuan dessert because this balls of glutinous rice symbolize reunion. Chinese also believe, […]

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