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Easy Fish Recipes-Fried Mackerel Fish with Chili Soya Sauce 辣油汁鲭鱼

This Easy Fish Recipes-Fried Mackerel Fish with Chili Soya Sauce is the Sichuan cooking method. The spicy spice of Sichuan cuisine is a essential and famous ingredients. There are many types of spicy spice either from herbs nor the fresh hot chili. Beside that each spicy spice have different hot level and you may need […]

Fish Dinner Recipes-Sour & Spicy Threadfin Fish 酸辣鲅鱼

  Threadfin Fish is one kind of salt water fish which usually use by Hokkien people (Fujian district of China) and Cantonese people (GuangZhou district of China). This fish is called “Ngor Ah” by Hokkien people while Cantonese people called this Threadfin fish as “Mah Yau Yuee”. This fish dinner recipes of Sour & Spicy […]

Semi Boiling Tongue Sole Fish Dinner Recipes 半煎煮半滑舌鳎鱼

The Tongue Sole Fish is also called as Flat Fish and in Cantonese pronounce as “Bin Yu” because the shape of the fish is in flat form and the fin rays along the edges just about all the way around. For this Semi Boiling Tongue Sole Fish recipes, combine the 2 cooking methods of deep […]

Steam Pompanos Healthy Fish Recipes 清蒸金鲳鱼

  For fishes & seafood, Chinese like to prepare and cook it with steaming method. This is because it will maintain the nature sweet and the original taste of the fishes & seafood. It also will not overcook it and avoid too oily. But some of the fishes type are not suitable for steaming method […]

Healthy Fish Recipes-Celery Fungus Stir Frying Fillet 芹菜木耳鱼片

  If you love to eat fish but afraid to eat the fish bone, then you may use fish meat/ fillet as the ingredients instead of a whole fish to cook. This fillet which is boneless also easily to eat especially to the kids and eldest. For the fish meat, Grouper is the best choice […]

Easy Fish Recipes-Fried Mullet Fish with Turmeric 炸黄姜鲻鱼

  Beside ginger, turmeric also used as the popular ingredients in Chinese Cooking. Turmeric was widely used as a spice in Southeast Asia and Middle Eastern cooking. Recent research has revealed that turmeric is a natural wonder, proving beneficial in the treatment of many different health conditions from cancer to Alzheimer’s disease. The nature yellow […]

Sweet and Spicy Groupers Fish Dinner Recipes 酸辣石斑鱼肉

  This Sweet and Spicy Groupers Fish Meat look colorful, aromatic smell and excellent taste. Grouper belong to the biggest family called Sea Bass. It has a mild, unique flavor somewhat of a cross between bass and halibut and firm texture. With the sweet and spicy dressing definitely improve your appetite after a busy working […]

Tamarind Fried Prawn (Asam Prawn) Recipes For Seafood 亚参虾 (罗望子酸汁虾)

Tamarind Prawn was called as Asam Prawn which is a famous Nyonya dish. It was a combination cooking method of Chinese and Malay. The Tamarind is in sour taste and it was perfectly taste when marinate with prawn. The sweet from the prawn and the sour taste from Tamarind pulp was definitely will improve your […]

Healthy Fish Recipes-Steamed Lingcod with salted vegetables

Fish are the healthy and most nutrition food. It can prevent stroke and go for longevity life especially for eldest age people. Lingcod is a saltwater game fish origin from the North Pacific and has lean, flaky white meat that is mild flavored. Lets cook this healthy fish recipes for your family!   Prep Time […]

Easy Fish Recipes-Mako Shark with salted vegetable

Mako shark is a fairly inexpensive fish with ivory-pink meat that has a dense texture, a mild flavor and contains a moderate amount of fat. Cook with salted vegetables improve the taste of the fish which you must try it. Even you are busy, you may try this easy fish recipes to serve after 12 […]

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