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Taiwan Braised Pork Rice台湾滷肉飯

I always like to order Braised Pork Rice when I dining at Taiwanese Restaurant. I really love the taste of the braised pork style that Taiwanese cook it. The Braised Pork Rice or call as “lo-ba-bung”(Taiwanese dialect) or “Lu-Rou-Fan”-滷肉飯 (Chinese Mandarin) is a “Taiwanese” flavor and tradition food. Finally, last week, I have chance to learn up […]

Yam Fried Rice 芋头饭

Yam Fried Rice is origin from Teochew, native to the Chaoshan region of eastern Guangdong province of China. Teochew also called as Chaozhou people like this Yam Fried Rice as grains recipes and it is also a famous Teochew Cuisine. Yam is a very good ingredients for health not just to increase satiety. Yam can […]

Fried Rice Recipes- Fried Rice with Dried Chinese Sausage

Dried Chinese Sausage is usually made by fatty pork meat, pork livers, chicken livers, duck livers or turkey livers and called as “Lap Chong” in Chinese. It was normally smoked, sweetened, and seasoned. Using it with fried rice is absolutely perfect taste and improve the aroma of fried rice.   Prep Time : 5 min Cook […]

Fried Rice Recipes- Fried Rice with shrimp and wolfberry

Delicious and Simple Oriental Fried Rice with wolfberry and shrimp. Yummy….Yummy for a lunch or dinner, easy meals for 1 or 2 persons.   Prep Time : 8 min Cook Time : 12 min Ready Time : 20 min Servings 2 persons Ingredients 1 Big Bowl White Rice 100 Grams Cabbage 100 Grams Shrimp 1 Onion 10 Grams […]