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Parsley-Prevent Tongue inflammation, Provide energy, Improve digestion, Boost appetite and Improve Spleen and stomach

Tofu- Reduce lipids, Prevent breast cancer, Anti-aging, Maintain healthy bone.

Potatoes- Prevent rough skin, Provide carbohydrate, protect eye, Increase physical energy, Ruddy and Keep the blood off flexibility

Rape Vegetable- Helping digestion, Avoid arteriosclerosis, Improve immune system, Elimination of fatigue, Prevention of osteoporosis and Antioxidant

Lettuce- Increase strong spirit, Cardiovascular protection, Prevention of fatty liver, Cardiovascular protection, Avoid oedema and Antioxidant.

Mustard Vegetable- Improve blood circulation, Promote the health of skin and film, Coordination of nerve and muscle operation and Clear Constipation.

Kailan- Reduce Choresterol, Clear the stool, Improve Circulation, Promote gastrointestinal motility and Increase skin elasticity.


Small Bak Choy-Increase joint flexibility, Cardiovascular protection, Ruddy, Prevention of osteoporosis, Antioxidant, Improve wound healing.

Garlic-reduce cholesterol, avoid arteriosclerosis, improve immune system, elimination of fatigue and hepatic metabolism.


Ginger-improve appetite, increase physical energy, reduce Cholesterol accumulation, increase cells organizational flexibility, Diuretic and will help bring down a fever and cough


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