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Recipes with Vegetables-Stir Fried Chinese Lettuce/ Fragrant Choi (Mak Choy) with garlic 蒜茸炒油麻菜

  May Choy is one type of Chinese Lettuce but it produces fragrant leaves that why it called Fragrant Choi which are very popular in Hong Kong and Southern China. In Hong Kong, it was known as Mak Choy and Southern China called as Yau Mak. It almost same with Romaine lettuce in Western. Chinese […]

Chinese Spinach Sauteing with garlic-recipes with vegetables 清炒苋菜

Chinese Spinach is rich of calcium and iron. The iron content is more than spinach and do not have oxalic acid compare with Spinach. The nutrition of Chinese Spinach also easy adsorb by our body too. Chinese Spinach have a high potassium to reduce high blood pressure but this vegetables is category as “cool” type […]

Recipes with Vegetables Bitter Gourd Stuffed with Fish Paste 酿苦瓜

  Chinese food are creative and fine cuisine. Chinese use to made a dish with combination of fish and recipes with vegetables so that the food more delicious and have a balance diet. For Hakka people(客家) from provincial areas of Guangdong, Jiangxi, Guangxi, Sichuan, Hunan and Fujian in China, they like to stuffed the melons […]

Recipes with Vegetables Basil Herb Fried Egg 九层塔煎鸡蛋

  Basil Herb is one of the traditional herb that are popular around the world. Chinese like to use this herb into their cooking ingredients because it have a special spices which improve the aroma of the Chinese food. Normally, you can see it will mix with brinjal and seafood are more common. For this […]

Recipes with Vegetables Green Baby Bak Choy/ Ching-Chiang Cabbage with shrimp 清炒虾仁青江菜

  Green Baby Bak Choy is also known as Ching-Chiang Cabbage.The young leaves and petioles are very tender and crispy. It is good for stir-fry cooking and you must try this recipes with vegetables Green Baby Bak Choy/ Ching-Chiang Cabbage with shrimp. This type of vegetables are very popular in Taiwan. Green Baby Bak Choy […]

Chinese Vegetables Recipe-Sauteing Cucumber with Prawn 清炒青瓜虾仁

Sauteing Cucumber with Prawn is a good dishes of Chinese vegetables recipe for summer season. The juicy and are mostly composed of water (about 95%) among all type the vegetables. Cucumbers is also very good source of vitamins A, C, folic acid, magnesium, silica, molybdenum, and potassium. It help regulate blood pressure and help promote […]

Chinese Vegetables Recipe-Sauteing Brinjal with Bean Paste 豆瓣酱炒茄子

Brinjal is good vegetable to prevent Colorectal cancer, lowering blood lipids, improve digestion, antioxidant and maintain normal nerve function. For Chinese vegetables recipe, brinjal will always cook with bean paste and it was perfectly combination for taste. You may add in some prawn so that it improve the sweetness taste for this dishes. Learn this […]

Recipe with Mix Vegetables (For Vegetarian) 素食杂菜

  Vegetarian are those purely on vegetables diet, may be for health or religion purpose. If you are on vegetarian (素食), you may try to cook this recipe with mix vegetables not only full of nutrition but it look colorful and will help to improve your appetite. The mix vegetables consist of 5 type of vegetables- […]

Chinese Vegetables Recipe-Bitter Gourd Fried Egg 苦瓜煎鸡蛋

  Bitter Gourd is one of a popular Chinese Vegetables because the taste is slightly bitter. Even the taste is bitter but it full of health benefit. It can help for skin whitening, stimulate the immune cell activity, lower blood pressure and blood glucose,improve wound healing and cool annealing. This Chinese vegetables recipe, Bitter Gourd […]

Chinese Recipes with Vegetables Lettuce Garlic Oil 蒜米生油菜

  This Chinese lettuce is known as Sang Choy in Cantonese and “sheng cai-生菜” in mandarin while in Taiwan it is known as “Wo Ju-莴苣”. It almost same with the lettuce in Western that more popular used in salad ingredients and in Chinese, it also eaten in raw/ fresh where normally used in decoration for […]

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