FREE Chinese Cooking Recipes

When is your first cooking for Chinese food? How you learn it? What are the tips for cooking the delicious and healthy Chinese dishes? Here is the site for you to find and learn each other the Chinese cooking with FREE and guides with simple steps of recipes.

I love to cook when I first learning cooking from my mum of the dishes “Sour Spicy Fish”. Why I learn this dish from my mum? It is not because I love to eat this dish but I learn it for my school society cooking competition. Not sure I am so lucky or I really learn it well from my mum, I won the first prize of cooking competition. Start from that time, it courage me continue learn cooking from my mum, my grandma, my aunties, my uncles, cooking recipes books and TV cooking shows. My purpose of learning is not just for interest and fun but I felt cooking is very important to have a healthy life. To have a healthy body, the basic thing is start from our daily diet.  Cooking is a way to control our diet, our meals and food to eat. To learn how to have a healthy body, we must learn how to cook for a healthy food too. These are my purposes I start to create this site for sharing Chinese Cooking Recipes.

If you never know how to cook for Chinese dishes, don’t worry about it. This site provide the simple steps from where to buy the ingredients with fresh and cheapest price, how to choose ingredient, how to prepare ingredients with images show and simple direction to cook. Just follow the cooking recipes and easy steps, you also can cook for an awesome yummy Chinese foods. This site also provide variety Chinese Cooking Video Show for learn too. If you have any good recipes about Chinese food, don’t forget to share with us by just click “Submit Recipes”.  Welcome for all who have interest in Chinese cooking to exchange their unique cooking recipes with direction, ingredients and tips. Let’s learn cooking together from basic, simple and easy recipes. Of course most important is delicious, tasty and healthy Chinese dishes!!!


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