Red Bean with Sago Soup Dessert

Red Bean with Sago Soup is a simple and easy to cook Chinese Dessert. It also one of the most famous dessert among the Chinese Dessert which can be serve in hot or cold. Red beans also known as adzuki beans are high in fiber and protein, but low in fat. It was good sources of iron, magnesium, potassium, thiamin and phosphorus.


  • Prep Time : 2 min
  • Cook Time : 180 min
  • Ready Time : 3 hour, 2 min


4-6 Persons


  • 150 Grams Red Bean
  • 25 Grams Sago
  • 8 pieces Pandan Leaf
  • 150 Grams Sugar ***Depend to personal sweet level taste
  • 2 Liters Water


Step 1: Rinse the red bean



Step 2: Rinse the Sago  (smallest size type)



Step 3: Rinse the Pandan leaves and tie it into knot.


Step 4: Put in the red bean and 1.5 liter of water into slow cooker for cook around 2 hours.

Step 5: After 2 hours, mix in the Sago and sugar into slow cooker for cook another 1 hours before ready to serve.

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