Fish Dinner Recipes-Sour & Spicy Threadfin Fish 酸辣鲅鱼


Threadfin Fish is one kind of salt water fish which usually use by Hokkien people (Fujian district of China) and Cantonese people (GuangZhou district of China). This fish is called “Ngor Ah” by Hokkien people while Cantonese people called this Threadfin fish as “Mah Yau Yuee”. This fish dinner recipes of Sour & Spicy Threadfin Fish is a famous Hokkien cuisine. It have 2 special combination tastes which are sour and spicy. The sour taste is from the major ingredient of tamarind pulp (Asam) and the spicy taste is from the red chilli. Beside that, the others important ingredient for this dish is lemongrass and red shallot. It enhance the aroma smell and the taste of this dish that you will miss it after you savor it.


  • Prep Time : 10 min
  • Cook Time : 17 min
  • Ready Time : 27 min


4-6 ersons


  • 2 pieces Threadfin fish head
  • 2 pieces Threadfin fish meat
  • 4 gloves Garlic
  • 7 Red Shallot
  • 2 pieces Red Chili
  • 2 stalks Lemongrass
  • 1 table spoon Tamarind pulp (Asam) *** For Asam Juice
  • 6 Table Spoons Oil
  • 1 tea spoon Salt
  • 1 tea spoon Sugar
  • 1 & 1/2 Cups Water
  • some Curry Leaves


Step 1:  Rinse and prepare 2 pieces of Threadfin fish head and fish meat each.



Step 2: Cut 4 gloves of garlic, 7 pieces of red shallots, 2 pieces of red chili and 2 stalks of lemongrass then put all into a mixer machine to mince it.



Step 3: Cut a onion, some pineapples and a tomato.


Step 4: Mix half cup of water with the tamarind pulp (Asam) and extract the juice from the tamarind by pressing the pulp.




Step 5: Heating a wok/ pan with 6 tablespoons of oil then put in the mixer (from Step 2) for stir frying around 5-8 minutes. After that, mix in the onion, one teaspoons of salt, one teaspoons of sugar for stir frying another 2 minutes. Later, mix in the  juice of tamarind (without the seeds of tamarind) and 1 & 1/2 cup of water for cook. Once boiled, put in the tomatoes, pineapples and the Threadfin Fish, then cover the lid for cook around 5 minutes. Finally, mix in with curry leaves and stir for while then ready to serve on plate.




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