Cake Decoration tips-the ONLY KIT with BONUS Reusable silicone bag-x2 coupler-x10 Disposable icing bags-eBook.37 Baking Tools Supply & Storage Case.Professional Stainless Steel Piping/Dispenser Nozzle

Rip open that boring brown Amazon box the moment it arrives at your front door. And VOILA inside is your Brand New and Shiny Icing Tips by “tableTops”. *This is a Patented product so kindly check for logo at the bottom (if you do not see our logo, kindly return the item to Amazon and buy your genuine tableTops tips). The Tips are Exclusively Designed for Kids, Beginners and Professionals alike making it a favorite for all.


• Order right away and get Silicone Icing Bag-x2 Couplers
• Also gear up for your very own EXCLUSIVE eBook

Product Guarantee: If the” tableTops” Cake decoration Tips do not meet up to your expectation, you can kindly return them and we will Refund with a Smile

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Blackstone 5 Piece Professional Grade Grill Griddle and BBQ Tool Kit with FREE GIFT – 2 Spatulas, 1 Chopper Scrapper, 2 Bottles for Condiments or Water or Oil and A Free Cookbook – Great for Griddle, Grill and Flat Top Cooking in the Backyard, Camping, Tailgating and Everywhere.

The Blackstone Griddle Kit offers 2 Liquid Dispensers, 2 Professional Grade Spatulas, 1 Chopper Scrapper and a Blackstone Introductory Griddle Cook Book. Step up your backyard cooking game and add the tools needed to make it the most enjoyable experience possible. This kit has everything you need to get going. Use the included cook book for inspiration or new recipes .

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Preethi Blue Leaf Platinum Mixer 110 Volts – 3 Jars / Preethi Mixie / Preethi Blender / Preethi Juicer – Free Service Kit Included (0.4 Liter Jar)

Preethi Chutney Grinder Jar for Preethi Eco Plus, Eco Chef, and Blue Leaf Platinum Model. Perfect Size for all your grinding needs.

Package Content:

Preethi 0.4L Stainless Steel Jar

Polycarbonate Lid

Blade Assembly

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Russian Piping Tips 19PCS Baker’s Kit,Set for Cake/Cupcake Decorating | 7 Russian Tips, 10 Disposable Pastry Bags, 1 Coupler, 1 Reusable Silicone Pastry Bag, by Mooker (Purple)

Operating Instructions:
1. Wash the piping tip in warm water before use.
2. Install the 3-color coupler to the pastry bag .
3. Fill the piping bag with butter cream that is at room temperature, not too soft or too firm.
4. Squeeze gently to create a base for the flower and then pull away by 1-2cm to form your flower.
5. Clean the tip of the nozzle before making another flower.
The best way to bring your cakes, cupcakes, cookie cakes and other sweet treats to life is to top them with a layer of delicious frosting. However, not just any piping tips will do when it comes to decorating your goodies with perfection. The (7) Russian Ball Piping Tips included in this set by Mooker are just what you need to whip up baked creations that look just as gorgeous as they taste. Since you of course will need other baking accessories in order to use the Russian ball piping tips, we are also including (10) disposable pastry bags, (1) coupler and (1) reusable silicone pastry bag. Order your 19 piece Russian Ball Piping Set today!

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Food Coloring Liqua-Gel – 12 Color Variety Kit in .75 fl. oz. (20ml) Bottles

Good Cooking Gourmet Food Coloring – 12 Color Liqua-Gel Variety Kit in .75 fl. oz. (20ml) bottles

This kit includes the colors: Coal Black, Royal Blue, Sky Blue, Buckeye Brown, Lemon Yellow, Teal, Leaf Green, Sunset Orange, Deep Pink, Super Red, Violet, and Fuchsia

Create the masterpiece you have in mind, with the finest food coloring gels on the market today. Each bottle has an easy to use pop-top cap, with its unique droplet design for precise measurements, allowing you to achieve the same color combinations time after time!

Perfect for all of your slime making DIY projects too!!

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Marion’s Kitchen Cooking Kit, Bulk 5 Pack, Quick Easy All Natural Chinese Meal Kit (General Tso)

Marion’s Kitchen General Tso Cooking Kit is a quick, easy all natural Asian meal kit. It’s restaurant quality, and deliciously blends General Tso sauce, peppery chilies and baby corn for a sweet and tangy classic Chinese dish. Includes general tso sauce, baby corn, whole dried chilies, and seasoned cornstarch; just chicken, red pepper, and onion and you have a healthy gourmet meal ready in 15 minutes. We have the highest quality ingredients and sourcing, all ingredients are all natural, gluten free, non gmo, no artificial colors or flavors, preservative free, with no added MSG. Meal can be served mild or hot; for mild flavor remove dried chilies, for hot flavor chop up dried chilies before adding. Includes a total of 5 cooking kits, each kit includes 4 large servings, good for 5 dinners for a family of 4.

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21 Day Efficient Nutrition Portion Control Containers Kit (7-Piece) + COMPLETE GUIDE + 21 DAY PLANNER + RECIPE eBOOK, BPA FREE Color Coded Meal Prep System for Diet and Weight Loss

ItÍs time to lose weight, feel amazing and choose a healthy diet plan with our 7-piece portion control container set! When youÍre struggling to balance weight issues, but canÍt find the time to eat a balanced meal, youÍre not going to find it easy to reach your fitness goals. ThatÍs why you need to enhance your diet and exercise potential with reusable Portion Control Containers by Efficient Nutrition. Similar to the popular 21 day fix extra containers, our food storage set is designed with 7 food containers (and matching lids) that are color-coded to show you exactly how much of each basic food group you need each day. This way youÍre not only getting the perfect healthy portion of food, youÍre putting the right foods in your body SAVE MONEY, TIME AND EFFORT In order to progress toward your fitness goals, you need to eat the right foods at the right time. ThatÍs why our food containers are not only reusable to save you money, they let you plan out your meals in advance to save you time and effort. So avoid eating fast food or gas station nachos so you can save money, time and your weight loss goals. Here are just a few of the benefits of our 7-piece meal container set: ‡ 21 DAY PLANNER (emailed after purchase) ‡ Printable food list for each container making grocery shopping simple and quick (emailed after purchase) ‡ 50+ page Ebook of delicious recipes (emailed after purchase) ‡ Food-Grade Plastic ‡ Microwave, Freezer and Dishwasher Safe ‡ Maintain Healthy Portion Control ‡ Saves Time, Money and Effort ‡ Reusable and Easy to Clean ‡ Color Coded for Easy Use ‡ Perfectly Sized to Match Food Needs Click ñAdd to Cartî above and choose to eat healthy so you can lose weight and keep it off.

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Sacred Tiger Culinary 20 Herb Kit in a Nice Storage Box Kitchen, Cooking, Seasoning, Spices

In this kit: 20 herbs used for Culinary purposes shipped in a nice storage box. They are typical seasonings and spices used in the kitchen and or for cooking and baking. All of our herbs are sealed and labeled for easy reference. Herbs are bagged in 3″ x 4″ resealable ziplocs and are approximately one half ounce each. 1. Allspice, Whole 2. Basil 3. Bay Leaves, Whole 4. Caraway Seed 5. Celery Seed 6. Cinnamon Sticks 7. Cloves, Whole 8. Dill Seed 9. Fennel 10. Ginger 11. Marjoram 12. Mustard Seed 13. Onion 14. Peppermint 15. Poppy Seed 16. Rosemary 17. Sage 18. Sesame Seed 19. Thyme 20. Garlic Use of any & all herbs we sell are the sole responsibility of the buyer. We do not hold any responsibility for wrongful use. While I try to maintain my inventory, selling in 3 venues, makes it hard at times, if I run out of a particular herb, I will substitute with an herb of equal use and value, so that you can get your order in a timely fashion.

Please purchase this item only from Sacred Tiger to ensure that you receive this item as advertised. If you purchase this item from another seller, we cannot guarantee that you will receive the item that is offered in this listing.

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