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Gerber Juice – Apple Prune – 4 fl oz – 4 pk

Durable Product

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HomEquip 6 Pk, 18 oz Glass Water Bottles with Stainless Steel Caps & Loop- BPA Free, Airtight & Leak Resistant: Best Reusable Sports Drinking Bottles for Fresh Juices, Juicing, Tea & Bulk Beverages

About HomEquip:
We are a recognized kitchen line with a long, successful history of versatile kitchen essentials. We created a cohesive collections through style, quality, and practicality. We love to make your cooking experience simple & fun. We now offer a variety of innovative kitchen gadgets that will enhance your kitchen experience. From oil presses, organizers, glass jars, and home brew bottles makes your kitchen feel tidy & neat.

Unique Features:
-This bottle also doesn’t ooze any odors.
-Stainless steel, plastic threaded, leak proof caps.
-Slim design for easy storage in a fridge and cupboard.
-Wide opening for easy filling, pouring or drinking out of.
-Convenient carrying loop so you don’t drop your bottle!!!
-Clear glass is BPA FREE, Led FREE and wont seep chemicals. As well our bottles are Eco Friendly

The Ultimate Beverage Storage Bottle:
These sports water bottles are extremely versatile. They are perfect for storing drinking water. They can be used for a variety of things. As well these bottles are great for Juicing (wide opening, for those big chunks), kombucha storing jar, tea bottle, fermentation jars, cold brew, sauces storage containers, salad dressing bottles.

The Ideal Outdoor Glass Water Bottle:
The perfect running Water Bottle, biking bottle, gym water bottle, As well it fits right into your car’s cup holder. Awesome travel water bottle for sports and athlete players. Conveniently has a wrist carrying loop on the top of the sports water bottle.

Variety Options Available:
Conveniently comes in several different sizes & packs according to your needs. Available in 16oz. & 18oz. sizes.